Great Ideas
are yours
Scaling them
up is ours

Our Services

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Outsourced Services
  • Profit Centre


We provide coaching solutions across the management layers customised to suit employee experience, background, and organisations’ expectations.

  • Performance coaching and executive coaching
  • High potential talent program - Systemic coaching
  • Trademark INDN coaching - Leaders and managers as coaches
  • Influencing High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) – Exclusive RM 1-1 coaching


Years of on-the-job experience, combined with best practices, and a strong belief that every individual has the intent to perform to their potential best, we at SCALIST are in the practice of helping organisations achieve their optimal performance.

  • Facilitating organization goal and vision workshop
  • Calling out the ELEPHANT - Human centered design
  • Learning and Development - Strategy to execution

Outsourced Services


We go the extra mile to create a “productive and ready” resource for clients by hiring and training their new recruits in sales.

Learning & Development

Count on us for a paradigm shift in your learning and development function. We will drive the most effective learning interventions at optimal cost.

  • Hire for you
  • Train the new resources for you – Sales apprenticeship

Profit Centre

We are a 360 degrees support system to SME’s in areas of management, operations, HR, finance, marketing and new business, products development etc. in 14 focus areas.

Most SME’s do not perform at their optimum capacity in most of their internal parameters and are stunted instead of growth and is prone to sickness in global competitive environment.

  • SCALIST guarantees to achieve profitability / growth and smooth functioning of the SME.

About Scalist


With expertise in leadership development, sales and strategy, SCALIST partners with organizations and businesses to accelerate and scale up. Research based practical tools and techniques, hands on experience and proven developmental models are our aids that influence your growth.

How it Works?

Diagnose the needs

Identify and validate the symptom

Identify solution (knowledge, skills or attitude) and agree on measure of success

Design learning intervention based on target audience


Measure and monitor changed behavior through sustainable reinforcement solutions