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Comprehensive talent management programs for multi-national banks covering development areas of Executive Presence, Advanced Communications, Influence & Negotiations, Managing Difficult Conversations, Organizational Agility, Challenging Status Quo, and Service Orientation.

Three months long learning journey covering skill development sessions followed by group coaching to reinforce positive behaviors. Covered over 150 HIPOTs across India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Philippines.

More than 90% HIPOTs found the program to be high effective and they were able to make significant favourable changes to their personal and professional situations.


"It’s been a transformational experience with Om. My eco-system has seen a positive change in me and have been constantly giving this feedback. Thank you Om for being such a great guide and coach."

— Lead business analyst MNC Bank

Transformation journey program for a leading multi-national investment bank’s Deputy CEO and his directs across India, France, Bulgaria, and Romania covering topical skills such as collaboration and strategy alignment.


"You did a wonderful job, Om. You handled the controversial reactions and questions very well by challenging status quo and through humble inquiry.”

— COO, MNC Bank

Strategy and visioning exercise for a leading multi-national investment management company covering 10 Senior Members of their APAC team covering industrial revolution 4.0, future of work, and understanding self to manage the VUCA environment.


"Its never easy to handle experienced leaders from different geographies, your ability to connect with them instantly and drive the point in a subtle and effective manner is commendable. The team and I have got more than what we expected from this program."

— APAC Head, Boutique Investment Bank

Employee engagement study for a multi-national manufacturing company covering 35 employees over a period of 2 weeks. Based on the outcome, the company redrafted the key performance indicators (KPI) to be performance driven aligned to sales targets and customer centricity. The employees felt involved and motivated on the new approach.


"We were quite apprehensive about your delivery capabilities initially. I must confess that you have proved us completely wrong and have delighted us with the end outcome. We clearly have got great value for the money paid."

— Head of India Operations, MNC Manufacturing Company

Performance excellence offsite for a leading multi-national investment bank’s Finance team covering 18 participants across levels in the area of team and delivery effectiveness.


"Om plays the role of a coach, facilitator, friend, and mentor with panache. His willingness and ability to involve deeply in understanding stakeholder requirement, to provide an efficient and effective solution is highly appreciated."

— COO, MNC Bank

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