Our Services

Research based practical tools and techniques, hands on experience and proven developmental models are our aids that influence your growth.

Leadership Development

Leaders matter more now than ever before. In a decade, 50% of the leading companies would be substituted: acquisitions, mergers, technological changes, fluctuating business models, and competition would affect them. We help develop leaders to achieve the unanticipated.

Coaching Services

All leaders are capable of greatness if they only had the right advice and support at the right time. That’s why most of the leading companies provide coaching to their senior professionals to support with their most challenging and growth-oriented tasks, and to increase the impact on business performance.

Our coaching services provide personalised, one-on-one and group coaching to help your executives, managers, and individual contributors develop their professional and leadership skills, build relationships, overcome challenges, fast-track their development and achieve their goals.

Consulting Services

We follow the Sherlock Holmes motto of “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”. We use the tried and tested diagnostic methods with a unique tinge of modernism to analyse the current people strategy and culture and create a holistic future of work.

Our Value Proposition

Our eclectic services such as 360-degree feedback, assessment and development centers, experiential learning, mentoring, coaching, virtual sessions, and personalized learning provide our partners a one stop shop for their people development journey.

Personalised Attention

Facilitator-to-participant ratio provides the individual attention that fosters customised development. Accessibility to the facilitator post program.

Safe Learning Environment

Confidential environment is created for candid sharing and the experimentation with new behaviors vital to development.

Experiential Learning

Special activities and breakout sessions offer participants the chance to practice new behaviors while learning from their peers.

Assessment and Feedback

The power of 360-degree feedback combined with individual assessments offers a well-rounded picture of strengths, development needs and styles – frequently cited as the most valuable part of the program.


We encourage participants to interact with peers (buddy) who face similar challenges. Custom program participants often spend time with peers and managers from across their business, facilitating internal collaboration.

Passionate and Expert Facilitators

Associates who are qualified facilitators empaneled across major cities in India and APAC

Voice of our customer

Personal Excellence

  • Perception Management
  • Mindfulness
  • Executive Presence
  • Data Visualisation and Storytelling
  • Persuasion and Influencing Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Consultative Selling – Stop Selling and Start Leading
  • Need Based Bespoke Programs

Organisation Excellence

  • Developing High Potentials
  • Leaders as A Coach
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Women Leadership - Breaking Barriers
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership offsite
  • Need Based Bespoke Programs

Client & Stakeholder Excellence

  • Collaborating with Stakeholders
  • Negotiation and Influencing Clients - Advanced
  • Achieving Peak Performance - Clients
  • Handling Tough Conversations
  • Need Based Bespoke Programs

Coaching 1-1

  • Performance Coaching
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • Career Coaching

Client Benefits: Accelerating Potential - Feeling empowered with clarity of thought driven by values in a safe and confidential environment. Exploring possibilities through realization of limiting beliefs and self-imposed boundaries, thereby, allowing them to recraft their journey.

Group Coaching

  • Aligning Goals
  • Resolving Conflict - Elephant in The Room
  • Leveraging Strengths to Synergise
  • Realisation – Inhibitions and Performance Gaps
  • Common Purpose and Creating A Compelling Vision

Client Benefits: A cost advantage model to introduce professional coaching to your middle and senior managers. Having to manage upstream and downstream effectively, the group coaching set up will allow them to speak up in a trusted environment.

Building A Coaching Culture

  • Coaching Conversations
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Coach the Coach – Creating Internal Coaches

Client Benefits: Organisation and teams that use tools and techniques of coaching conversations in day to day interactions are far more effective and result oriented. Managers and leaders adapting coaching conversations will create a new DNA that minimizes conflict, enhances interpersonal relationships and an engaged team in their organisations.

Talent Programs

  • High Potential - Accelerating Program
  • Leadership Transition - Building Leadership Pipeline
  • Becoming A Global Leader - A Readiness Program

Client Benefits: Detailed diagnosis is key to high impact program design. We partner with HR/ talent office/business owners in weaving customised interventions with assured movement in participant attitude, skills and knowledge.

Each of our interventions is a three to six months compelling learning journey. We pride in our ability to embed a strong learning discipline that helps cement new behaviours.

Assessment and Development Centres

  • Talent Identification
  • Development Needs Analysis

Client Benefits: A scientific approach to identify “TRUE TALENT” - justifies your investment in right HIPOT selection before you spend time, efforts, and money on talent development programs.

Our experienced OD experts complimented by technology tools is our gateway to enable your high potential, and talent management interventions.

Employee Engagement

  • Pulse of the Organisation, Function, Leader and Teams
  • Employee Motivation
  • Reality Check Vs Perceptions

Client Benefits: A value investment that enables owners, sponsors and leaders make informed decisions about their people, process and organisation strategy.

Our detailed analysis and recommendation aid you to priorities activities that matter most in influencing engagement. We help identify development opportunities to guaranteed upward north movement of business goals.